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Sleep Forte
The world's first IoT Device that diagnoses and controls the sleeping obstacle elements caused by sleep apnea and severe snoring during sleep by using the heartbeat sensor, and relieves the severity by alerting with the vibration in the event of an emergency.
Product Features
Analyzes the number of respiration and respiration rate through the data measured by the PPG sensor, and divide into four stages by the severity of apnea
Warns with vibration in the event of severe sleep apnea or severe snoring during sleep
Analyzes sleeping obstacle elements based on sleeping time, deep sleep, shallow sleep, tossing and turning, and awaking
Recommends sleep clinic based on location and provides information
Provides user subjective sleep evaluation and sleep diary
Sends a text to the registered number if an emergency situation of severe sleep apnea occurs.

HW Specification: 4x2x1cm ^ 3 (body), 10g (weight), 25cm (rubber), 20 minutes charge 5 days use, black color (body), black (rubber)