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The world’s first IoT Device that provides the biorhythm management solution for efficient sleep, featuring the sleep educator with sleep efficiency improvement algorithm
Product Features
The world's first product that determines any biorhythmic disturbance in 24-hour cycle, by monitoring daylight exposure, light pollution exposure environment, UV exposure and activity amount, and provides a solution to manage circadian rhythm to improve sleep efficiency
Informs if there is a sleep disorder by analyzing sleep time, deep sleep, shallow sleep, tossing and turning, and provides a sleep-cognitive behavioral solution based on this data
Analyzes natural light/artificial light through illuminance sensor and color temperature sensor
Controlling the amount of light and the amount of activity to provide a solution to generate "Melatonin" hormone
Warns the excessive pollution exposure before sleep
Provides "sleep cognitive behavioral solution" to improve sleep efficiency for the set sleeping time
Provide a biorhythm management solution that controls the amount of light, lighting color, amount of exercise by dividing into 3 stages: after getting up, work, before sleep.

HW Specification: 4x2x1cm ^ 3 (body), 10g (weight), 21cm or 25cm (rubber), 20 minutes charge 4 days use, black color (body), black/lime/skyblue(rubber)