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Bingo is the world’s first IOT device that provides a solution for pet dog health promotion that prevents biorhythm disturbances and separation anxiety disorder by monitoring their sunlight exposure, UV level, vitamin D level, serotonin level, and light pollution level.

Sets up standard daily health promotion data, created through Big Data research, that differs based on dog breed, age, weight, and sex, and provides guidance on healthy activities to the dog’s guardian so that the pet’s activity levels, amount of rest, frequency of walks, etc. can match the levels of the standard data.
Product Features
Collects the daylight exposure, light pollution exposure environment, UV exposure amount, sleeping time, activity time, and resting time of the dogs to measure any biorhythmic disturbance in the 24-hour cycle and to remind the owner how to correct
Provides the standard data on the recommended exercise amount, resting amount, sleeping amount for each individual by studying Big Data for each breed, age, and weight.
Analyzes the daylight exposure and inform the deficiency of vitamin D, serotonin, and melatonin as well as the depression tendency.
A feature that provides dog affection index for pet owners by analyzing the pet dog care data, and induce the pet care competition by providing care score ranking among bingo users
A feature to compare pet dog health data before and after when changing to a new food or goods
Provides English and Japanese version

HW Specification: 1x4x1cm ^ 3, 10g, 20 minutes charge 4 days use, black color